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In 1989, they were known by the name "Morbid God" when their foundations were first laid. They were renamed "Moonspell" in 1992. Group; Formed in Portugal, it is a Doom and Gothic Metal music group. In 1993, they made a demo recording called Anno Satanæ. They made their debut in 1994 with the EP "Under the Moonspell". With their first album "Wolfheart", which was released in 1995, they gained a fast-growing momentum and became known quickly.

Until today; They have released 10 albums including Wolfheart, Irreligious, Sin/Pecado, The Butterfly Effect, Darkness and Hope, The Antidote, Memorial, Night Eternal, Alpha Noir/Omega White and Extinc. The group consists of five people. It has changed a lot of staff so far. However, since its establishment, Fernando Ribeiro and Miguel Gaspar have not changed at all. Other current band members are Pedro Paixão, Ricardo Amorim and Aires Pereira.

They gave their first concert in Turkey on February 16, 2004 and solidified their place in the hearts of Turkish fans. On November 20, 2016, Irregiligios announced that they would give a concert in Turkey to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album. Albums; 1995 – Wolfheart 1996 – Irreligious 1998 – Sin/Pecado 1999 – The Butterfly Effect 2001 – Darkness and Hope 2003 – The Antidote 2006 – Memorial 2008 – Night Eternal 2012 – Alpha Noir/Omega White 2015 – Extinct 2017 – 1755 2021 – Hermitage

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